YouTube putting the bullet in IE6’s head?

Oh, please let this come to pass soon. TechCrunch reports that YouTube is due to drop support for IE6 ‘soon’, pointing users at Chrome (obviously), IE8 and Firefox 3.5. Finally, one of the worst pieces of software ever to pollute the Internet with its presence is getting taken out to the barn with a double barelled shotgun, and not a moment too soon.

Sure, Digg already said they might do this, but YouTube is far more significant; if YouTube stop supporting IE6, then in practice it means I can too 🙂 Bye bye IE6, please do let the door hit your ass on the way out, preferably hard enough to fracture your pelvis. It’s the least you deserve for making life hell for hundreds of thousands of web site maintainers over the last few years.

  • spacegaier

    Yeahaa…that sounds good (except the chrome part)! Bring IE6 down for the good of all people on the web…

    Nevertheless, I was suprised by this drastic step. Never thought that YouTube would go for something like that.

    If they would just do the same with Chrome (allright, then they would be quite dumb, but that would even thrill me more 😉 ).

  • Paul

    Yaay, death to IE6!

    This triggered me to do a Google to see comparisons of IE vs everything else out there, and you know what? It just amazes me every time I think how Microsoft can pump so much time and money into things, and get it so badly wrong.
    IE? Office? Vista? So many more examples.
    Its lucky Microsoft did such a good job of blanket monopolising the computer industry by the end of the 90’s and that there are still so many non PC savvy people about, otherwise the company surely would have expired by now.
    Saying all that, I love developing in .Net and SQL Server is ace, so MS I don’t hate you.

  • Paul

    Oh sorry, on the subject of browsers Steve can you recommend a good Ad blocker for FF? Never had one installed before, just read about some now.

  • Raven

    Adblock Plus is the leader and probably the best ad blocker for Firefox. It is recommend by development team as well.
    You can get it here:

  • Martin

    Very nicely put 🙂

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  • Steve

    @Paul: yep, I recommend AdBlock Plus too. I only use it on really annoying flash ads though, since I think sites deserve to make a living out of reasonable ads – just not the really irritating bullshit some of them use.

  • Falagard

    Not to start a browser war, but I’ve been using Chrome since it came out and it’s my primary browser now.

    We’re also going to be integrating Chrome (rather Chromium via Awesomium – ) into our commercial software. It’s set up very nicely for offscreen rendering, unlike Mozilla / Gecko which we’re currently using and had to jump through too many hoops to get working.

    Great job by Adam on Awesomium by the way.

  • Paul

    AdBlock Plus is working a treat so far it seems, thanks for the tip guys.

    I still need to try Chromium! I nearly had it installed on my work machine but either Vista 64 or the work firewall wasn’t having any of it. I say now though that it will need to be very good to beat FF…