Dude, there’s an Ogre on my mantelpiece!

In a complete and total surprise, my cousin presented to me yesterday the result of a grand conspiracy in the Ogre community to commemorate my time as project lead – a specially designed, unique Ogre statuette! Thumbnails below, click for more detail…
Receiving the statue Sinbad holding the statue
Front of statue Back of the statue

I literally had no idea this was going on, or that my cousin had been asked to make the delivery that day (I thought we were just meeting for a social). I was completely taken aback and very touched that the people in the community would go to the trouble of doing something like this for me. 😮 There’s a thread in the forums going into more detail on how they organised it, including the many, many different designs they mocked up and considered before voting for this one. I’m humbled and flattered.

My sincere thanks to everyone who was involved in organising this, and very well done for creating such an excellent statue and managing so successfully to keep me in the dark about it! You guys are just awesome.

  • http://www.kieransenior.co.uk Kezzer

    Loved your initial confusion in response to revealing the trophy. It’s an awesome trophy though! They did an amazing job organising it in top secret. I did feel like an undercover agent though 😀

  • CABAListic

    Despite my involvement in the ‘conspiracy’, I do envy you. It looked awesome enough in metaldev’s drafts, but the real thing is something else entirely 🙂

  • psquare

    @Kezzer: The correct term we have for you is ‘The Insider’ 🙂

  • spacegaier

    @psquare: Or the man without whom, the whole thing would have been even harder to organize for us. Glad that we had ‘The Insider’ in our “circle”…

    @Steve: Nice to finally give you something back for all your work! Still amazed when seeing the statuette on the pictures, despite having seen pictures of the drafts all the last months 🙂

    Agmain: You deserve it! For Ogre3D and the wonderful community you build around it!

  • http://hardtoremember.me Terminal58

    Looks amazing! I’m surprised on just how unique they made it for you

  • http://www.spannerworx.com Paul

    We are really glad you like it Steve 🙂 I sort-of wish I had one on my desk too, but without the text of course. Does it feel like Plaster of Paris?

  • kikito

    Awesomeness is reflective and self-sustained.

    Great idea, and congrats to everyone involved.

  • Eric

    Phenomenal gesture from the community! Very well deserved!

    Organizing and doing something like this shows just how awesome the Ogre community is.

  • kinjalkishor

    This Statue is very fine piece of art in itself. It is totally awesome and very very very good.
    I am keeping the pictures of statue in my collection. It really looks like it just came out of some fantasy kingdom instead of bourne conspiracy 🙂
    The community is quite active, and I wish them more luck in all they do including surprising you 🙂

    On a different note it is also too awesome, awesome kind of awesome to see that you still look very young for your age, I think 5 years have passed since I first said that :), though sadly your health troubled you in between. How time passes by when I look back, seems like yesterday, when I first knew about Ogre and that it is free 🙂 and Open Source, and now I am seeing so much work done in front of me, and today a very beautiful statue too.
    It all fills my heart with so much happiness. Open source does effect people in positive way, since it is community.
    All in all a very good souvenir which you must keep with you life long, with that alien statue possibly 🙂
    All of you people who are associated with Ogre or other open source projects, best of luck and keep up the good work. 🙂

  • http://www.stevestreeting.com Steve

    Thanks all 🙂

    @Paul: it feels like some sort of dense resin, which is guess is what it is. So it feels more solid than plaster of paris, and more durable which is reassuring.

  • http://sslaxx.livejournal.com/ Sslaxx

    You deserve it. Thanks!

  • http://www.visual3d.net Dan

    My, what big feet the Ogre has. Better to stomp you with! 😉 Congrats!

  • http://www.spannerworx.com Paul
  • http://www.stevestreeting.com Steve

    Yeah, Tweeted about this last night, awesome 🙂

  • http://None Podge

    Steve, I keep an eye on your blog randomly. Always find your opinions on things very interesting and a refreshing change of topic to what I do day-in, day-out. Amazed at what you have achieved here in your ‘spare’ time! Congrats on the statue… really cool.

  • http://www.stevestreeting.com Steve

    Good to hear from you again Podge! Hope things are well with you & the rest of the Dubliners these days. I don’t miss doing the Guernsey/Manchester/Dublin travel triangle 😉

  • http://None Podge

    Moved to San Francisco about 3 months ago. Really enjoying it here. Yea, I don’t miss that trip either.

  • http://www.stevestreeting.com Steve

    Ah, awesome – I remember you saying how much you liked it last time you were in SF for a while. Good luck out there!

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