Lag Issues

Business ogre siggraph

I’m finally back at home and beginning to return to normal, trying to iron out the wrinkles in my sleep cycles. I’ve done 12 flights in the last month (I’m trying not to think of my carbon footprint, although at least I rarely drive back home) with a time zone range of 10 hours and I’m certainly feeling it - I’ll be happy to be settled in one place again for a while!

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Sleepless in … LA

LA ogre siggraph

I arrived in LA either Saturday night or Sunday morning depending on whose watch you believe, and am coping with the inevitable jet lag. Working helps to some degree, since it keeps you active, until you hit that ‘wall’ where suddenly your brain holds up it’s hands and says “I don’t care what the clock says, it’s 3am”, before grabbing its hat and coat and sodding off, leaving you a hollow shell looking at a screen full of C++ going ‘buh?

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Yes, this is the extra library project I’ve been working on recently: There are more details in my OGRE Forum post, but I’m pretty sure you can guess what it does 😀I’m pretty pleased with the shots & speed so far, although I’m refining it more all the time. I’m currently in a closed beta phase with a client, so no demos yet. I’ve written this in partnership with IDV (creators of SpeedTree), who have been very helpful.

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Back, catching up (again)

gotland ogre sweden Travel

I just got back from my trip to Gotland, I almost didn’t make it back due to delays on the M25 (surprise surprise) making my transfer from Heathrow back to Gatwick rather late, when I didn’t have that much time to spare. I just about made it by sprinting all the way through Gatwick, getting to the gate just as they were about to leave. It was a good trip despite the travel overhead, I think there’s a good chance we can build an ongoing working relationship and I’ll end up going back again sometime.

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Business ogre sweden Travel

Feel free to whistle the very appropriate but highly copyrighted tune that you’re no doubt already thinking of 😀 I’ve wedged another business trip rather hurriedly into my schedule, sandwiched betwixt (oh, you gotta love that word) our recent holiday and my impending departure for Siggraph in about 10 days. It came up at really short notice and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to fit it around my existing commitments, but luckily I was able to organise it to happen over this weekend, which just about worked (although I still have to leave early Friday).

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Okami, Boom Blox & Prof.Layton

Damn, it’s not a bad situation to be in, but I suddenly feel even more swamped than usual with gaming opportunities. Rock Band continues to be a bottomless well of fun, with its continuous drip-feed of new content and experience-driven gameplay, it just seems to get more enjoyable as time goes on as the song library expands, and you get to grips with the less known tracks. However, my birthday just passed and I received 3 new games, two for the Wii and one for the DS, both fairly neglected platforms of late.

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My Monster's Bigger Than Your Monster

Gears of War and Resistance are obviously quite similar game franchises, exclusive on different platforms, and as such rivalry between the teams is to be expected. But I couldn’t help but laugh at the blatant one-upmanship in one of the latest Resistance 2 screens (GOW on the left, for the uninitiated): I can just see the Resistance 2 team sticking their toungues out and going ‘nyaa’ 😀 It’s all irrelevant of course since they’re all pipsqueaks compared to my well-nurtured Katamari.

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Rock Band 2 - oh yes

guitar hero rock band

Oho, I haven’t been rocking out that long to the original yet, but Harmonix unleashed the worst kept secret in music gaming today by confirming Rock Band 2. What they’ve announced isn’t that surprising, but it’s good to have official confirmation that: The instruments from RB1 will work DLC from both titles will be interchangeable Now, really Harmonix would be off their rocker if they didn’t hit these 2 feature points, but it’s worth noting that in particular the cross-title DLC is actually a first, and Harmonix had to liaise with Microsoft and Sony to make sure it happened.

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My take on the RE5 racism debate

racism resident evil 5

The debate about whether Resident Evil 5 is racist or not continues to simmer. It’s easy to coldly and calmly rationalise the scenes that RE5 depicts on the basis that since it’s set in Africa, the chances are that the majority of the zombies are going to be black - it would be pretty stupid for it to be otherwise. Makes perfect sense. But, the fact is that the depiction of a white guy striding through an African village, gunning down the local populace, even if they are zombies, cannot be taken in isolation when there is far too much painful and rather recent history involved here - RE5 may be just adhering to common sense, but it invokes imagery which has strong parallels with real-life racism and oppression.

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Pimp my Drums

My Rock Band drum mods arrived today, they took a week to arrive which isn’t bad considering they had to meander their way from the Land of the Free (ish) via regular US letter post. [](**Drum Pads** []( decided to go for drum pads from RocPadz, which are basically just circular cut mouse mats with a rigid back. I went with these for a number of reasons, such as that the neoprene rubber is hard wearing and long lasting (unlike foam pads which quickly lose their effect).

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