Rock Clone

My wife and I were discussing last night what we thought Activision might call the increasingly inaccurately named ‘Guitar Hero IV’, given that it’s really not just about guitars anymore; ‘Rock Hero’ maybe? Rock Clone? Clone Band? Or perhaps they’ll just keep the GH4 name just in the interests of branding, and give it a lame subtitle to explain the inconsistency, probably slipping the word ‘Rock’ in there discretely somewhere. You probably saw the announcement recently of the drum kit, which has all the hallmarks of being required to ‘take it to the next level’ by replacing one drumpad with two dedicated cymbal pads.

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Flash-powered mini-Guitar Hero

This is a week old now but I only just spotted it - Activision have taken the unusual step of releasing an official Guitar Hero Flash game , which is embedded below. It doesn’t play particularly well (but then neither did Guitar Hero 3 - zing!) but I guess when you consider the limitations of the medium what’s there is an achievement, and even so it’s fun that they did it.

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While I have something of a penchant for British rock bands (I’m biased, but I still think over the last 50 years a greater proportion of truly excellent songwriting has come from this side of the Atlantic than the other), there are still many North American bands I like. One that I’ve stuck with pretty much since I first had a CD player is REM - I own every one of their studio albums and on the whole have always enjoyed them.

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Pandora, denied!

Music pandora

Nooooooooooooooo! Pandora have finally clamped down their ‘you can only listen from the US’ rule - previously they’d, ahem, ‘enforced’ it by asking you to enter a US Zip code, a field ‘creatively’ used by pretty much everybody outside the US who loved their service. I’m sure the population of the 90210 zip code is about 1000 times what it should be according to Pandora’s records 😀However, now they’ve finally started using the technology at their disposal to filter more aggressively, via geolocation software.

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Rock Band most wanted

Rock Band isn’t here in the UK yet but here’s one of the songs I’m personally most looking forward to butchering recreating: Although John Entwhistle puts paid to the idea that the bass is the ‘easy part’ 😀 What a performance from all of them though - I envy the people who had the chance to be there in 1978 (I was a little young). Jump to around 7:45 for a classic rock moment if you’re in too much of a hurry.

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Wireless GH controller

Yay, it arrived today. I’ve only tried it out briefly to make sure it worked ahead of a proper breaking in this evening, but it works really well. The feel is a little different so will need some getting used to, for example the fret buttons are glossy and depress flush with the neck, rather than being a little matte and always being a bit raised even when pressed like the wired controller.

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