Microsoft: Good News / Bad News

I’m often critical of Microsoft on this blog but I do also acknowledge things I like, so hopefully I’m always relatively fair. I’ve noticed that news coming out of Redmond these days seems to be pretty evenly spread between good an bad, and thought I’d pull out the things that had most resonance with me personally: Good News: Vista release dates Now, this comes with a caveat that it’s mostly good news for Microsoft themselves (I’m fairly ambivalent and will probably wait until sometime in 2007 to upgrade), since delivering this sucker has been a rather slippery fish.

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GPLv3 - purists versus pragmatists?

I must admit that I haven’t really been following the whole GPLv3 debate very closely. I don’t publish code under the GPL very much (although I did just recently) because most of my open source code code is in libraries rather than applications (which GPL fits much better, IMO). However it’s been interesting to watch the ‘polite disagreement’ going on between the FSF and the maintainers of the Linux kernel in recent days, and I decided to post my musings on the matter.

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