New material structure taking shape

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (197 Words)

I’m still beavering away, most of Material, Technique, Pass and TextureUnitState are done now, and I’m starting work on the changes to SceneManager and Renderable. I still have a shedload of compile errors because all the rest of the code is using the old Material interfaces, but I’ll get to that soon. My main concern right now is to get everything building again so that I can start testing the routines I’m adding - I wanted to test the Material::compile method mainly (this determines which Techniques in the Material are achieveable with the current hardware, and also splits fixed-function passes into multiple passes if the card has a limited number of texture units.

My wife and I are off to Boston for a week on Thursday (6th November) so I’ll be out for a little bit. The ‘diff’ that I’m maintaining against the current CVS version which I transfer between my machines is getting unwieldy now (it’s well over 12,000 lines) so I’m going to create a new branch against CVS called material-unstable, those of you wanting to take a look at the work-in-progress can grab that, but be aware that it’s highly unstable at the moment!