Material parsers done

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (239 Words)

Gah, sorry for the delay again. I’m so busy coding I keep forgetting to come in here every so often.

Well, lots more progress, the new .material parser is done and pretty much tested so I can finally start some serious playing with vertex and pixel programs. The multiple technique fallback approach is working really well, and coupled with Cg and assembler shader support 0.13 is going to be another milestone release; in 0.12 we gave you (even more) speed, in 0.13 we give you (even more) eye candy. Life is good. 😀

Unfortunately, late last night I discovered an interesting little bug in the automatic parameter update, which causes the world/view/projection matrix in a vertex program to lag behind the one used for fixed function processing slightly, leading to comedy effects when you mix the two (like the Ogre mascot leaving his eyes and teeth behind for a split-second if you move the camera too fast. It was late, and I couldn’t for the life of me see the reason for it, so I’ll have to look at it tonight.

In other news, leedgitar has already produced some nice screenshots from demos he’s written with his Axiom engine (which is a C# port of the Ogre code). I’m a bit gutted he beat me to the demo shots, but I must say they look great and I can take a fair bit of credit for the approach 😀