Blog moved to my own site

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I’ve been meaning to revamp my own personal site for a long time, so I finally knuckled down and did it, and in the process I moved my OGRE blog here too. You will have noticed that I syndicated the OGRE news too 😀

I intend to have a crack at solving the vertex program world/view/projection matrix inconsistency with the fixed funtion pipeline tomorrow, what with the web site work and the fact that I’ve been putting really silly hours into the vertex & fragment program framework over the past few weeks encouraged me to take a day off - hopefully when I come back to it tomorrow, my mind will be clear enough that it’s more obvious than it is to me right now.

_mental_ sounds like he’s getting on well with the nvparse support, which will allow us to use fragment programs on GeForce3s & 4s under GL, since they do not support ARB_fragment_program. This is good, because otherwise we would only be able to produce some effects on those cards under Direct3D (ps_1_x).