nvparse work

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I spent this evening getting the nvparse code _mental_ has been working on compiling under VC6 and VC7; basically this is to provide support for ps_1_x equivalents under GL for nVidia cards, since GL’s first standard was equivalent to ps_2_0 which cards like the GeForce3 and GeForce4 do not support. nvparse produces the effect of using NV_register_combiners and NV_texture_shader, and the best thing is that you can generate it from Cg.

Unfortunately, it’s not particularly well written so it’s a bit tough to get it to work on all platforms, and the documentation is not brilliant. It’s now compiling, but not giving the right results in either the dot3bump or celshader demos, which is why _mental_ wanted me to cast my eyes over it. The actual in-depth look will have to wait though, since this evening was totally taken up with compilation issues!

If I don’t post again here in the meantime, merry xmas to all!