Happy new year

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Happy new year to everyone! I’ve pretty much finished all the texture flipping business, _mental_ is working on DDS /volume texture / compressed texture support for GL now and in the meantime I’ve been fixing a few miscellaneous bugs, like a problem with a boundary condition on the mesh LOD generation and some issues with overlay sizing when using multiple render targets (like in the render to texture demo). I’m also propagating all the bugfixes in the pending 0.13 release back to the 0.12 branch so we can do a 0.12.3 release at the same time as 0.13, incase people want to stay on the 0.12 branch for some reason.

One other issue to resolve before we can release 0.13 is that there is no Cg release for Mac OSX at the moment. That means that we’ll have to use assembler programs on the Mac, perhaps through a different media path.

We may also get support for ATI_fragment_shader before we release, which will be a bonus for GL users on ATI cards prior to the 9500. nfz has written a ps_1_x to ATI_fragment_shader parser, and if it works, it’ll be dead useful.