Sods law…

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Sods law says “If you have plans for something, forget about it.”, or something like that. I’ve been fixing up a few things in the last couple of days, mostly issues with using multiple render targets; there were some problems with overlay sizes and frame rate stats when using more than one. I wanted to do this because the demo I have planned will use 3 targets; 2 render textures and the main view.

In addition, I made the use of anisotropic texture filtering a bit easier to enable (you can now press ‘T’ in most of the Ogre demos to cycle through bilinear, trilinear and anisotropic filtering), because anisotropic looks wonderful. Take a look at this comparison for details.

I had planned to do a bugfix release (0.12.3) tonight in advance of the 0.13 release which I want to do after this demo. Unfortunately Sourceforge’s netwoek has been very slow today, so that’s scuppered. Also. today I discovered a crash bug in Direct3D9 which happens on about half of the demos; it must have started in the last day or two but it does not happen in debug mode, which makes it hard to track. Plus, if you use another rendersystem and then come back to D3D9, it works, until you start it for the second time. Infuriating! It’s probably an initialisation bug, but quite why it seems to affect D3D9 only, and only on some demos, I can’t begin to imagine. These things are clearly sent to tax me, and boy, are they putting in a good effort.