A slow couple of days

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It’s been a bit slow going these past 2-3 days, I’ve been fixing a few minor things, sorting out the 0.12.3 maintenance release and such. There was also an odd release-mode only bug in DirectX9 that would only occur on some demos, and then only when you ran in Dx9 twice; if you ran in GL or Dx7 in between it would work again, the first time. Debug mode was fine, so I suspected an initialisation problem. However, after stepping through the last few days commits (since the problem was not there in the older cvs versions), I discovered I could not longer reproduce it. Dx9 now works perfectly - perhaps it was one of those incremental compilation things. :/ In any case, I’ll be keeping a close eye on Dx9 release mode over the next few days to be sure.

There have been a few more commercial projects coming out of the woodwork which are using OGRE, there are full details and screenshots on the OGRE site.