Bad week, but fresnel reflections are go

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (139 Words)

Boy, am I having a bad week. Work has been highly busy, one of my key staff is leaving, and my laptop died, seemingly from a burned out graphics chip (it won’t go above 640×480 now without barfing). When it rains, it pours.

On the good news side, fresnel-modulated reflections are now working, see them here. temas has also merged in the GL_ATI_fragment_shader support which nfz wrote, so we support ps_1_x on ATI cards in GL now too, which is great; it even converts ps_1_x code to ATI calls so we can use Cg to drive it. Groovy!

All I need to do now is come up with a nice scene to put the refraction / reflections in, merge in a few key patches and then 0.13 will be ready. Should be done by the end of the weekend.