0.13.0 is done, ahead we go

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Sorry for the quiet period, I’ve been flat out getting the OGRE 0.13.0 release ready for public consumption, and then recovering from all the hours I put in on that process afterwards 😀I’m glad it’s done, 0.13. is a big update and really starts to put OGRE on a par with the next-generation commercial engines (I think our fresnel reflections are as good as HL2’s, although of course there’s a lot more to their engine).

I’m looking ahead to 0.14 now, for which shadows is big on the agenda. As usual, OGRE’s planned approach is ambitious in terms of the ease of use and flexibility we expect to add, rather than just a single purpose bolt-on. We’re planning on 4 distinct shadow implementations, namely stencil shadows, projective textures, shadowmaps and decals. Each one of these has a different impact on the rendering pipeline, and our job is to make that invisible to the user application whilst making it nice and efficient at the same time. The user app should be able to just enable flags on the light, shadow caster and shadow receivers and ask for a given shadow type (perhaps with LOD fallback), and it should just work. We also need to support proxy meshes for shadow casters, which will probably be done through the existing mesh LOD system.

In other news, I’m deeply hoping that my domain won’t go down early next week - the registrar of this domain has been seriously yanking my chain. The rest of the message is a rant, so view it only if you want..