Bug fixing, patching..

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I’ve spent the last few days mainly applying patches from the community which have been due for a while, fixing bugs and applying some of my own enhancements to Node and SceneNode which have been outstanding for way too long. I unified the class hierarchy for Camera and Frustum too, something I planned from before 0.13 but I didn’t have the balls to do it so close to the stable release 😀I also promoted a lot of features from Camera to SceneNode, so you can now tell a node to look at another node, set fixed yaw settings etc.

I’ll be getting back to shadows asap, I’ve not done much on them these last few days because I’ve been pretty burned out, and I need a clear head to make some of the design changes I’ll need to make on skeletal animation and the pass organisation. Luckily I have a few days off next week in which I plan to recuperate and work on this. some more