Hardware skinning is working

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (180 Words)

Well, my buffer copy licensing scheme is working for software skinning, and hardware skinning based on vertex programs is also working a treat, including the changes required to GL to allow the binding of BLENDINDICES and BLENDWEIGHT vertex semantics. In release mode with 10 robots all animating independently, it amounts to almost a 50% speed increase when using vertex programs, and it’s probably more when the models are more complex since the robot doesn’t have a lot of vertices, so the ratio of effort between the bones (which are still CPU calculated) and the vertex blending which is now accelerated will be more marked in bigger models.

GL is causing me concern though; the performance problem that has dogged Demo_Fresnel and Demo_RenderToTexture also seems to dog the new skeletal animation demo; the more robots on the screen the worse the frame rate gets, and yet it is using hardware blending just like D3D. There must be a serious bottleneck in the GL implementation somewhere, hopefully temas and _mental_ can help find it because I have my hands full right now.