Chipping away..

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I fixed another shadow visual glitch, where zpass and zfail volumes overlapped and caused artefacts, and squashed all the release mode-only crashes (I hate those). I’m now very happy with the stability and performance of my stencil shadows, although I have a number of optimisations yet to do which should primarily help with larger scenes.

I’ve put my todo list up on the site so people can see what I have on my plate - as you can see I have a few more things on there left to do before I feel 0.14 will be ready, more than I’d like at this stage in fact, but that’s life for you. I’ve already put a fair amount of planning into additive stencil shadows (which are very similar to modulative shadows, except more expensive but more accurate and require passes to be split), but I need to resolve the other issues first, since they will undoubtedly affect additive shadows too.