A few manual mesh issues

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Manual meshes were not prepping for volume constructions properly, and there were some issues with prepping meshes which used shared vertex buffers for multiple components. These are now fixed.

I still have a number of issues with animated meshes which I’m sure are related - that is the hardware skinning disappearing shadow problem, and the D3D9-fullscreen-software-blend glitch, neither of which I’ve been ableto explain despite detailed tracing through the code. I have also found that if I prepare an animated mesh for volume construction more than once, I get random crashes a few frames later, which suggests there is a buffer overrun somewhere. Static meshes are fine if prepped multiple times. If I prep the animated mesh only once, it’s fine, but this might just be because it doesn’t overflow badly enough the first time. Tracking these issues is a nightmare, but I think once I find one, I may very well solve the others. All I need is a lucky break - so far detailed debugging has not shown up any issues, but I know from experience these things are elusive. That makes it a giant black hole for time unfortunately, when I’d much rather be moving onto other things. 🙁