GL shadow issues

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (159 Words)

Well, I fixed the GL light state problem, and temas seems to be close to fixing the manual blend problem so we’re getting there on GL shadow support. The outstanding issues (and these are GL only, D3D does not experience them) are:

  • Animated meshes have problems with shadow extrusion.

— Both software and hardware skinned meshes have extrusion artefacts with more than 1 submesh (test case: ninja.mesh). Software blended meshes with one submesh work fine

— Hardware skinned meshes (with one submesh) show extrusion artefacts when zfail is used. When zpass is used the shadows are fine. Since it only happens when the caster is in view, this suggests a light cap problem

  • One user has reported depth fighting artefacts, but I haven’t been able to recreate them. It might just be bad camera settings on their part.

We’ll get there, nailing down all this stuff is tedious but essential in the process of turning out another stable release…