Woohoo, I can commit

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (152 Words)

I found the bug this morning (see what I mean about a good nights sleep?). It was actually nothing to do with my recent changes, there was an existing bug that would only show up if you had a mesh with multiple submeshes, AND you had some reason to be using a separate light cap. The indexes that had been used by this separate light cap were not being added back into the running total, so if you had more than one shadow renderable (as is the case with multiple submeshes with their own geometry) the subsequent ones would screw up.

So I can finally commit this beast I’ve been sitting on for a couple of days; the last optimisation to stencils I want to do after this is scissor clipping of the volumes, since now they are being extruded to infinity, a distant point light could have a disproportionate fillrate hit.