Powering ahead

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LOD integration is done, I decided not to implement LOD biasing on the shadow because it just looks too crap at the silhouette boundary. At least if you have LOD enabled on your mesh, both your mesh and its shadow decrease in detail and so scale well. Manual LOD levels work too, my test case was turning a knot into a spaceship at a certain distance, which worked like a charm and the shadows were consistent.

I’ve also made stencil shadows respect the ‘visible’ property of SubEntity which was a bit of a silly case previously when for example you made the ninja’s sword invisible but it was still showing in the shadow. Because of the way stencils work though, this only works if the SubEntity you’re making invisible has it’s own geometry; shared geometry is turned into a shared shadow volume for efficiency which therefore cannot be partially disabled.

This is going better than I could have hoped. I’ve cut through a lot of my TODO list today and yesterday, plus a user reported some stencilling artefacts on their model, but I find in my latest CVS copy it renders perfectly. Ok, I’m shutting up now before I jinx it… 😀