Scissor optimisation done, LOD integration close

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (149 Words)

Well, the scissor optimisation is done (this limits the drawing of stencil tris to a screenspace quad representing the attenuation range of the light); I haven’t reallly noticed any frame rate improvement, but perhaps I’m just not hitting my fillrate ceiling yet. Hopefully it will be a useful addition to someone.

I’m just finishing up getting LOD (manual and automatically generated) playing nicely with stencil shadows, which works really well. Right now, the shadow volume reduces in detail at the same rate as the mesh itself - personally I’m not convinced that using a lower detail volume on a higher detail mesh will look good because of the mismatch between them - the shadow edge on the caster can look shoddy enough with stencil shadows anyway without it being exaggerated by mismatched geometry. However, I guess I’ll add this as an option anyway since it’s not hard to do.