Aargh! GeForce4 Ti's !!

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (162 Words)

I had the 0.14 release all zipped up and ready to go, with a nice new shadow demo, then I hear that the GeForce4 Ti can’t seem to handle the infinite camera projection in Direct3D! I get reports of inverted cameras and black screens. Yet it works fine in GL, and D3D9 works fine on all of my cards here (I don’t have a Ti, but I have an FX and 2 pretty diverse ATIs).

It just screams driver problem to me. The technique I’ve used has been described in several places on the net, for D3D too, and I get no reports of this. I’ve checked my implementation and I’m sure it’s fine.

It’s frustrating though, because I wanted to get this baby out the door and have a bit of a rest, I’ve been burning out these last few weeks. I think I’ll do the release tomorrow anyway and fix the D3D/Ti issues (if they are indeed a fix) later.