Terrain work

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No, I’m not dead. I took a bit of an OGRE break after 0.14 to avoid some serious burnout, but now I’m back. I am, however, doing a spot of contract work in my spare time now for a talented US startup (who shall remain nameless until such time as they want some free publicity ;), so that’s currently got a lot of my attention, although some of the work will benefit Ogre too.

Some of you may have noticed that over the last week I’ve been busy tinkering with the ‘original’ terrain engine in Ogre, generally improving it, speeding it up, fixing a few inaccuracies and a couple of bugs that have gone unnoticed. It’s shaping up well, I’ve got it rendering between 35 and 50 million triangles a second on my FX 5900 now. More is still to be done on that, specifically vertex program LOD morphing so it’ll be possible to use more aggressive LODing whilst still maintaining visual quality.