GDC Europe, new Vaio

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Just a quick update to crow about a couple of things 😀Firstly, I’ve booked my place at GDC Europe. I’ve never been to one before, so it’s quite exciting for me. I’ll be taking the Ogre banners with me, of course, and talking to anyone who will listen. 😀

Secondly, I just bought myself a new laptop. A rather beefy Vaio VGN-A197VP, which I picked mainly because the 17″ XBlack screen is to die for, and it has a Radeon Mobility 9700 so I can run pixel shaders 2.0 on it. You would not believe that this is a laptop - I get 60-70 fps in Demo_Fresnel (the most demanding shader-enhanced demo in Ogre 0.14 for those who don’t know) and the definition (1900×1200 native resolution) and colour quality beats the crap out of my CRT. Awesome.

Besides the geek factor, I definitely needed something more robust that the Acer I previously had, which just wasn’t built well enough - I went through 2 in less than a year with the same GPU fault, and I don’t even think I was using it that extensively (I went easier on the second one, and it still bust with the same problem). I didn’t even consider an Acer this time around, not just because of that but also because their support lines (in the UK at least) are possibly the worst I have ever encountered. The Acer was a great general purpose machine, and if you can get local dealer support, fine. But for graphics programming it couldn’t take the heat (perhaps literally).

Other than that, I am still working away, mostly on contract work using Ogre rather than Ogre per se which is why I can’t post about it here (I wish I could, it looks gorgeous). Having said that, I’m still fixing bugs, adding back enhancements which are relevant to the work I’m doing, and answering forum requests as per usual. Another month and I’ll be back on Ogre ‘full’ time again, with my primary goal to head towards 1.0.