0.14.1 Maintenance release tomorrow

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I plan to release the 0.14.1 maintenance release of Ogre tomorrow - I got some time last week to work through some patches, and there are quite a few fixes that can be had from this and other updates over the past couple of months.

Contract work is going well, I cracked a particular challenge that I’ve been building up to for a few weeks, and which I was a little apprehensive about being able to pull off well - but in the end after a few u-turns, experiments and late nights, it all worked out nicely and I’m really quite chuffed with the result now. Pity I can’t show it here. 😀

Interestingly, my stars (as in astrological stuff) said today that I’ll make a lot of money if I work for myself in the entertainment industry. Now, I personally think astrology is a load of old rubbish, but that’s pretty uncanny :/ Now, if only I can get the ‘a lot of’ part to come true….