OGRE rated on 3D engines database

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There’s a new 3D engine database in town, and this one looks very professional indeed. It includes a huge list of engines (commercial, open-source and otherwise), is really well presented, allowing users to review and rate the engines they find there.

OGRE is listed, and is doing pretty darned well in the ratings, which obviously I’m very happy about. We’ve been in the top 10 (based on user ratings) consistently since it was opened, and as of the time of writing we’re at #2, above most commercial engines and second only to Source. Now, of course this is a highly subjective rating, and certainly not guaranteed to last, but it’s gratifying in any case.

Perhaps more telling are the reviews, rather than the numerical ratings, which are overwhelmingly positive. I’ve known for a little while that we’re hitting the mark with what our users want, and many of those users are professional developers and so I value their opinions a great deal. We’ve had this kind of positive feedback in our own forums for a while, but it’s nice to see it out there on a 3rd-party site, especially one which looks set to be a good reference for developers searching for a 3D solution.

Anyway, enough preening 😀I have a project to finish (I’m currently writing a Tab Control for Crazy Eddies GUI because I need one), and after that I hope to apply a few Ogre patches ready for 0.15, which will include nfz’s GLSL support patch. Then it’s off to the GDC!