GDCE, GLSL, Good news

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Good news - nVidia have confirmed that the issue I’ve reported in the 61.77 drivers is fixed in the next (unreleased) revision, so I can stop worrying about that it seems. Phew!

Secondly, as you can see from the Ogre website, we now support GLSL as well as all the other shader formats we’ve supported since 0.13. You want shaders, sir? We got em, in every shape, size and colour, so we ‘ave.

I’m off to the GDCE next week, 0.15 will have to wait until I get back - ideally I’d like to wait until the new nVidia drivers are out anyway but we’ll see. I still have a number of things I want to include (patches, mesh format updates, a couple of features I’d like to squeeze in) which I’ve run out of time for in any case.

Next update will be after the GDCE, which I should have a fair amount to say about, I hope 😀