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I’m back, and it was fun - although more fragmented than previous years apparantly since there was another conference in the Docklands this year running at the same time. Got to see quite a few games, chat to lots of people, flash an OGRE T-Shirt around all day (which got recognised a few times) and exchange business cards. Argonaut sent the largest team by far, but there were people from loads of other UK and European dev companies there. I must say I was jealous of most of them, since they get to do this for a living πŸ˜€

The big highlight for me was having a short chat with David Braben, a long-time hero of mine (he made Elite, for the people who live under a rock). And yes, he has definite plans for another, although he’s been waiting for technology to get to the stage where he feels it can do it justice. Cool. πŸ˜€

I popped into the other trade show (EGN) down at the docklands on friday, and went to the consumer show (Game Stars Live) too, which was fun. Burnout 3 is definitely on my must-have list πŸ˜€Perhaps coolest of all, they had a ‘Retro’ area where they had a stack of arcade machines from my youth - Pac Man, Space Invaders, Defender, Galaga, Gorf, that kind of thing. No Robotron though. πŸ™

Best of all, they were packed, the whole time. Not by nostalgia seekers like me, but by kids playing them all the time, often queueing. Given the amount of brand-new stuff there was to play at the show, I was both surprised and really happy that people could still see the brilliance in these old games. Class πŸ˜€