Back from Canada

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I’m back, again, this time from a 2-week break in Canada, which I have to say was awesome. The Rockies rank among my favorite places in the world - enormous open spaces, magnificent scenery that just makes you gawp - I could have stayed another 2 weeks, although after all the hiking and (especially) the horse riding I was certainly quite sore! It was great to get away from all the stresses of the modern world for a while, no deadlines, no rush, and yes, no computer or TV. I was seriously chilled by the second day 😀

Unfortunately I managed to pick up an awful case of the flu on the way home - damn economy class. 2 days in bed and I’m still pretty spaced out, but I think I’m starting to come out of it. No doubt it’ll only finally clear up in time for work on Monday 🙁

Time to get back up to speed with what’s been happening in Ogre-land, there’s a nice demo using Novodex which I like lots, and I have a bunch of outstanding enhancements to the mesh format which I’ll have to pick up. Once my head feels like it isn’t packed full of sand, that is.