0.15.0 done, 1.0.0 ahead, back problems

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Well, we got 0.15.0 out the door on Sunday as planned, although I’ll admit it was a close call again. It’s great how little things pop up at the last minute - I built the release 6 times in the end, and waiting for the (frequently stalling) uploads was a nightmare.

So, we’re on the road to 1.0.0 now - you can see what we plan to do by clicking on the ‘Roadmap’ link on the Ogre home page. Now if only Chris Rea wouldn’t keep crooning in my head (“This aint no technological breakdown; oh no, this is the road … to 1.0”) perhaps I could concentrate.

Except, now my own spine is conspiring against me. I woke up yesterday morning with the most awful crick in my back. ‘Ah, it’ll work itself out’ I thought, grimacing through my walk to work expecting it to loosen up. After finding it pretty darn excruciating just to get up to the coffee machine during the day, and then finding this morning that I could hardly stand, I decided I probably had more of a problem on my hands. So I went to the doc today, who advised me that one of my vertebrae has decided to misalign itself and nudge one of it’s ‘fins’ (are they purely decorative, like Cadillacs I wonder?) into one of my indignantly protesting nerve clusters. You would have thought those guys would have learned to get along by now, being there for over 30 years together. Ah well, I guess that’s why the regular painkillers had pretty much zero effect then. :/

So now I have some better painkillers (gotta love modern pharmacology) and instructions not to sit at a desk for very long at a time. And, worst of all, apparantly 9 hours a day at work and 3-4 on Ogre per day counts as ‘a lot’. Damn. I’ve considered rigging some kind of walking laptop harness, but it’s in the early stages - watch this space.

Scuse me, I’ve been at the keyboard my alloted 30 minutes. 😀