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Wow, for the first time in close to 2 weeks, I actually felt a little better this morning! Pain has become a deep throb (kinda like having been kicked hard in the back the day before) rather than a yelling-out-loud stab, which is a distinct improvement. I’m still hobbling, but my mobility is getting a little better. Awesome, it looks like this back support has been doing its job.

I celebrated by doing a little work on the resource enhancements for 1.0.0, this time on the Archive classes, which are old and scrappy. Decided to completely rewrite Archive (since it needs to support streaming now anyway) and the interface is a lot nicer. Now I just have to go back and reimplement the subclasses, in particular swicth to a different Zip implementation since the one we’re using now does not support streaming multiple files at once.

I also decided to ditch the file system plugin and move it’s implementation into OgreMain, since it really does not justify its own plugin.