Australia, Australia, Australia we love you

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Fourth Bruce: Michael Baldwin - this is Bruce. Michael Baldwin - this is Bruce. Michael Baldwin - this is Bruce.

First Bruce: Is your name not Bruce, then?

Michael: No, it’s Michael.

Second Bruce: That’s going to cause a little confusion.

The only reason I quoted that classic sketch is that it always pops into my head whenever I think of Australia. Highly inappropriate, but hey, Monty Python was ingrained in my subconscious from a young age.

The reason I’m thinking of Australia is that a game based on Ogre just won the Best Indie Game Award at the Australian Game Developers Conference in Melbourne, as discussed on Which of course, is a good thing. Many people don’t think of Australia as a great game-producing nation, but people like Pandemic and Irrational have studios there. I’m really pleased Ogre got a bit of press there for helping Primed Games (the winners) make a winning indie game in only 12 weeks!