Testing, testing, one two, one two..

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (237 Words)

Now that the resource-unstable branch is now finally 100% compiling, I’m busy testing and fixing bugs which have gone undetected while I’ve been working on this for the past 6 weeks. It’s slow going (there were a lot of changes after all), but it’s gratifying to finally have something to run again! I hope to merge the branch into the head as soon as I can.

I have, however, allocated some time over the next couple of days to work on the XSI exporter, and I’m keen to stick to that, much as I’d like to carry on bashing. I’ll work on the Hastur (0.15.x) branch for that intially, I think meshes shouldn’t be too hard, animations might be more challenging.

I also bought a copy of VTune this month, so hope to put that to good use as soon as I get the time (Ha!).

On another note, all of a sudden a bunch of new screenshots have come out and the OGRE Featured Projects page is really filling out with some nice content. No-one can ask ‘what projects are using OGRE then?’ and not get a resounding response now. What’s interesting though is that on that projects page, the whole top row (of 3 projects) were all made in Australia. Perhaps OGRE is taking the long route to world domination via Oz, which isn’t a bad idea considering it’s summer over there right now. 😀