XSI mesh exporting working

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (134 Words)

With the exception of a couple of limitations, which I’ve had to ask about in the XSI SDK forums, mesh exporting from XSI is now working. The limitations are that only one set of UVs is supported (because of the slightly odd way you have to get multiple UVs from XSI and it seemingly not being indexable with the triangle data I have to use), and that defining sub-areas of a PolygonMesh using poly clusters with which to change materials is not supported - you have to change materials with multiple PolygonMesh objects instead (which can be arbitrarily nested anyway).

Hopefully I’ll get some answers on the outstanding issues. I have to go back to testing resource-unstable now, hope to get back to XSI later to look at skeletons, which look damn complicated :/