resource-unstable is merged at last

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (239 Words)

Finally! After 6 weeks of work, the resource-unstable branch has been merged into the CVS head. It’s been a hell of a long road, and I can’t say I’m surprised at the size of the entries in cvs mailing list after committing, I really did change a hell of a lot.

There are still some issues - the changes I made to particle systems aren’t quite working yet for one, and I haven’t been able to test everything yet. But enough of the demos were working that I had to get this into the HEAD so that other dependent work could carry on, such as the changes :wumpus: is making to textures.

More testing and bugfixing lies ahead, together with further work on the XSI exporter (SoftImage tech support have been very responsive to the queries I’ve had after writing the first version so I have some more things to work on now), work on a generalised static geometry constructor to help people batch things up without using world geometry, and perhaps some work on advanced render queue customisations if I get the time.

In case you hadn’t already realised, Ogre 1.0.0 is very unlikely to be ready for the end of the year. 😀Nevertheless, things are going pretty well so there shouldn’t be a huge delay, but the practicalities of doing good testing require a certain lead time given the magnitude of some of the enhancements we’re making.