Xmas is over, back to bugslaying

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Well, Xmas is well and truly over, I now have a shedload of new DVDs to watch (for me, probably a years worth), and a couple of GameCube games to drag me away from the PC from time to time. A friend got me the Midway Arcade Treasures, featuring lots of games I used to misspend my youth on in the arcades. And they still play remarkably well. Defender and Robotron 2084 still rock my world, besides being hard as titanium nails fired through a gauss rifle. Boy, this reminds me why people who could last an hour on an arcade machine with their original 20p (this is 1980-ish remember) were Gods, plain and simple.

I’m back on the bugfixing trail, I’ve finally nailed all the BSP errors with the new resource system, and I’m working on the particle systems, which have been reorganised somewhat to decouple particle systems from billboards. It’s mostly working, I just have a few visual issues to resolve.