Frustrating day

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I had a very frustrating day today. Yesterday went pretty well; I got a little distracted from what was going to be progress bar work by implementing specialised ray queries on BspSceneManager, but since that’s been long overdue and it worked so well I could live with that. Plus I fixed a few bugs and got the interfaces for progress reporting for world geometry down, so not too bad.

This morning I thought I’d slap in my new 250Gb SATA drive since I’ve been running low on space recently. It’s the first time I’d used a SATA drive, but I thought - it’s basically ATA, how hard can it be?

The answer is, a pain in the frigging arse, that’s how hard. Hardware setup was easy, imaging my data from my main IDE drive went without a hitch, but getting the sod to actually boot XP up was a total nightmare. I had to tinker with my motherboards RAID controller since that’s where the SATA connections are (I’ve never had need for the extra channels until now), and through a mixture of getting setup drivers, having issues with having another IDE drive connected at the same time during XP’s repair cycle throwing it out, multiple re-images trying different things, and now a mysterious hang in the middle of the XP repair have really wasted a lot of my day. In the end I chose to image both my old drives onto the new one (since the oldest drive was quite small anyway) to eliminate the simultaneous IDE and SATA problems, but I think I now need a BIOS update to eliminate the hang. Couple this with the fact that my telephone line (voice and ADSL) went dead today, preventing me from accessing new drivers, BIOS images, and most importantly tech support forums for several hours, and my day was pretty much shafted. I’m back on the old disks now so I can actually get some work done today, maybe I’ll have another go tomorrow with the new BIOS if I’m not feeling too violent. I’m beginning to wish I’d just gone with the IDE version of this disk instead of the glamorous SATA version.