Jeeves, warm up the time machine please

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You would have thought that by working hard at something, your TODO list would get shorter. Oddly, on my plane of existence it doesn’t seem to work that way. Ogre 1.0 (Azathoth) is still well in development and getting more advanced / stable by the day, but things just seem to keep crawling out of the woodwork. We’re still getting a steady stream of Hastur patches too, which take time to evaluate. We missed our target of the end of the year for Azathoth, but with any luck we’ll hit the end of this month. wumpus has been doing loads of work on the texture interfaces and hardware pixel buffers which needs some more time too, but it’s coming along well (see the DynTex demo in CVS or his shots from a volume sprite demo for proof of that).

Anyhow, I’ve just finished putting in the background resource operation queue; this essentially lets you load / parse resources a background thread while doing other things. I’ve used boost::thread and since I have a some experience in threading, I think it’s pretty solid. But it will remain ‘experimental’ for a while; some people asked for it, and it deserves to be in for 1.0, but I don’t have time to come up with larger test cases; luckily the people who use this are likely to be the more advanced users.

I’ve just been testing a stencil shadow patch for Hastur, and have another one to do (as well as other Hastur patches). I test the stencil ones particularly closely though since with all the combinations of hardware and scene setup, stencil shadows took a long time to get completely stable so I’m paranoid.

I’m also part way through getting a default loading screen up and going for people who want it, or just an example for those who want to do their own. Separating the resources that the loading screen uses into a separate group (called ‘Bootstrap’) which starts up earlier than the rest worked a treat, but I’m having some issues with overlays and window updates right now.

After that, I have the static geometry batcher and XSI exporter to get back to. More to come!