Last Hastur release before Azathoth?

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The last week has been something of a mixed bag; I’ve been going through lots of patches for Hastur because they were mounting up, and the result (plus all the other fixes for the past 6 weeks) is today’s release of 0.15.2. This _should_ be the last Hastur release before the mighty Azathoth, which I can finally get back to working on. My overlay issues while trying to get a loading screen working are first on the ‘to stamp on repeatedly until it gives in’ list.

In other news, I only just discovered that the Open Dynamics Framework project, a physics integration library getting some attention lately from our users, is run by 2 quite famous professional game developers - John Ratcliff and Stan Melax. Not only is it very good news to see 2 people with their backgrounds embracing open source, but they also chose to create an OGRE section on their site from day 1. And no other graphics engines. I find that rather flattering, as well as a little nerve-wracking 😀