Insanity v2.0

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (168 Words)

Well, I have lost devices restoring in many situations now - I still have to sort out a remote debug session because fullscreen restores still error sometimes and they’re kind of hard to track when your machine is locked solid (now I wish I had dualhead!).

But now I have the most bizarre problem - after restoring the device, on this machine the ‘scene blend’ factors, ie transparency, no longer work. At all. I thought at first that it was my Fonts not reloading properly, since it was most obvious there (characters became nice solid blocks). But I tweaked the font texture to colour the alpha differently so I could tell where it was, and sure enough the texture was perfectly valid. So then I suspected the alpha component of the texture - but when I decided to try a non-alpha scene blend, I got the same result - no transparency after the restore. I’ve checked all the SetRenderState calls and all seems well, but no transparency. Madness.