Swimming against the tide

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (162 Words)

Gah, what a day. To start with, Sourceforge CVS is currently performing at the speed of an apathetic slug towing a family saloon full of other slugs, said family having also forgotten to fully disengage the handbrake. 45 minutes for a ‘cvs up’ is not my idea of enjoyment. Secondly, I’d been trying to test what I thought was a useful update to SharedPtr whicih simplified a few things and added weak pointer support, all through templates, but whilst it compiles fine I get the weirdest runtime problems, such as hangs deep in STLport. Nightmare. Not only that, but several of the changes today have required full rebuilds thanks to the dark side of precompiled headers, and since I’m also fixing an issue in the Hastur branch, that’s double the fun. Feels like I’m running to stand still.

We’ve set ourselves a (just about realistic) target of Feb 1 for 1.0.0 RC1, lets hope CVS & build cycle speed up by then.