StaticGeometry nears its final stage

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (155 Words)

Well, I got a couple of decent day’s production, and the StaticGeometry class is very nearly code complete. LOD support (mesh and material) is in, as is a little mesh optimisation and support for multiple index sizes, ‘bucket overflow’ (running off the edge of addressable vertex space given the type if index in use) and all the glue required in the middle which required quite a lot of work. I just have to finish the fairly trivial part of doing the actual pretransformation. I’d also like to sort out shadow support, and I was wondering if I could utilise the flexiblity of ShadowCaster / ShadowRenderable that I built in months ago to allow you to construct fixed shadow volumes if you wanted, e.g. for high-performance static stencil shadows which don’t move themselves but interact nicely with the rest of the world. Not sure I’ll have time for that, better see how the testing goes first.