OGRE Magazine Article (wot I wrote) Published

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I found out today that an article I wrote about OGRE on request from Software 2.0 Magazine has made it onto the shelves, at least it has in French and Polish. You can see the magazine cover in the French language section of their site, it’s the ‘Programmation de jeux’ issue. No, I didn’t write the article in French (or Polish), they translated it for me. The English version comes out later in the year.

What’s really cool to think about is that an 8-page article of mine, featuring OGRE, is appearing in a software magazine that will appear on the shelves in 14 countries. The downside is that none of them are the UK! But hopefully I’ll get hold of an english version when it’s out.

I didn’t actually know the magazine was out yet - I only knew because one of our users in France bought it and told me on the forums!