Nearly there

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Well, a surprising amount of little things have come up which has meant the 1.0.0 final isn’t quite done yet, but it’s really, really close now. The SDK is working for both VC6 abd VC7.0 now, I just need to ask nfz to build one for VC7.1 for me, now the scripts are all done & tested. I have onr last patch to evaluate before we put the seal on it.

The other thing I’ve been doing (while SDKs build, rebuild, uninstall and reinstall…) is designing a new OGRE logo and trying out a new colour scheme with it in the forums. We’ve had the old logo for ages and for our new website we needed something that sits on a lighter background more easily, and has a bolder, more recognisable shape. The new logo is actually composed of a real render from OGRE (the cel shading demo) with the colours tweaked, borders emboldened, and of course the text, which uses a nice little free font I found called ‘Baby Kruffy’. Some people prefer the old logo, but what do they know? 😉 I like this one a lot better.