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That’s it. Stick a fork in it, because OGRE 1.0.0 is done and in the hands of the masses (washed or unwashed we don’t know, that’s the beauty of the Internet). Looking back, I’m quite amazed we got here in one piece. I certainly never imagined OGRE be anywhere near as successful as it’s been; I still remember bashing away at it’s early classes on a crappy old Pentium laptop with little hardware acceleration to speak of - I had to wait until I got to my GeForce1 desktop before I could test anything much πŸ˜€At the time I remember reading lots of code from other projects and examples (legally, I might add - I just won’t name any names here), and bitching about how difficult they were to read, and how unnecessary most of the illegibility and obsfucation was. Plus, there wasn’t anything at that time which focussed on being just hardware acceleration oriented - most engines when I started OGRE still had a very strong software engine influence and as such were somewhat hampered (IMO) by software engine assumptions of what worked well. These 2 things spawned OGRE, and I hope over the years we’ve done our bit to address both subject areas.

Yet here we are. There’s still some work to do on the website, to give it a look similar to the new forums, but everyone who has been involved in OGRE can step back and be proud of what we achieved. Ogre won’t stop being developed (Ogre 1.1 aka Dagon is already planned) but 1.0 is a significant milestone, representing all the things we wanted to get sorted before we felt it ready to deserve that hallowed version number. The way I see it, you can only hit 1.0 once, so it damn well better be worthy of it. Job done. πŸ˜€