Democracy doesn't work

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Rant warning! Here’s the proof that democracy doesn’t work, and corporate greed is all that makes a difference in the world:

Groklaw report on today’s EC decision

I think most people knew that the EC, like any large organisation, is rife by bureaucrats and corrupution; but given the amount of high-level opposition to the CIID I thought this might be different. We even had the Legal Affairs Committee on our side. But no, the EC has repeatedly, shamelessly, and quite unbelieveably ignored all opposition and has forced it through anyway. So that’s democracy for you - funny, sounds quite a lot like collective dictatorship to me.

There’s still a slim chance it could be overturned in the EP, but these last few months have made me wonder whether it’s even possible to win against these people. They clearly don’t give a rats arse about what the real impact on their countrymen, they just want to keep lining their pockets and that of their big-business associates at the expense of everyone else. Might makes right, it seems, and after 2 world wars it seems we’re still under the jack boot, albeit disguised as a fluffy slipper.

I can’t go on - I’m speechless. Europe is no longer a safe haven for free software innovation. We’ll be shafted here just like in the US, where he with the most dollars can do whatever he damn well likes and can buy any laws he needs to do it. What US-inspired crap do we get dumped on us next? TV networks filling the airwaves with low-brow nonsense (“Hi, I’m Brad Tittlewonk, and this is ‘So you thought the public couldn’t get any dumber’)? People denying all responsibility for their own actions, and suing everyone else blind for accidents / misfortunes even if it was because they were too damn stupid to watch where they were going? Rampant, mindless consumerism promoted at you from every billboard? Oh, right, that stuff already happened.

Perhaps it’s time for a career change.