Web server strain (or how to crush ogre3d.org in 5 minutes flat)

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (213 Words)

Wow, now we have full access to server logs (which we didn’t on Sourceforge), we finally know just how popular the site is, and it’s terrifying.

The new server was overloaded really fast at first through sheer weight of demand, luckily we switched from apache to thttpd which lowered the memory requirements significantly, to the extent that we can actually run the site now (and it’s quite nippy). The scary thing is that our bandwidth is averaging a projected 90Gb/month at the moment, which is well above what we expected (and more than double what we’re paying for right now).

Bear in mind that this value doesn’t include downloads or CVS access, which are hosted at Sourceforge still - that’s 90Gb of just web surfing. Jesus. We’re not even a particularly image-heavy site. We’ve already had some donations over the past few days (thanks everyone who has contributed so far) which we’d hoped would cover the first few months of the new site, but it’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll have to pay more than we expected so they’re not going to go very far.

We’ll have to monitor demand over the next few days and decide how to cope. It’s both immensely gratifying and incredibly scary that our site is so popular!