Software 2.0 part 2 - the ugly side

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I don’t normally ‘name and shame’ people on this blog, but this has me rather pissed off. You might remember that an article I wrote has been published in Software 2.0, at least in the French and German versions so far as I can tell. About 8 weeks ago I was asked by one of their staff to provide some personal data so I could get paid for it - sounded fair to me. I insisted on encryption (they were expecting me to send bank details across unencrypted mail - I said nay nay), but apart from that all details were provided swiftly. They also promised to send me copies of the mag, which was very welcome.

Weeks passed. I’ve followed up with multiple emails, asking for an update. No response. Early last week I lost patience entirely and emailed the editor (who originally approached us) as well as the guy who dealt with the personal data, making no bones about the fact that, having given them personal data which I don’t give out lightly, I expected a minimum of a courteous email responding to my enquiries. Nothing.

This entirely pissed me off. I took a weekend out of my very busy schedule to write that article with little notice. They seem to have no intention of paying me or sending me a copy, and they’re also sitting on personal data which I’ve no idea what they’re doing with. Sure, it was nice to have an article published about OGRE, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with publishing it, not paying, and messing about with the authors personal data.

My advice to others - if Software 2.0 approaches you for an article, tell them to pay up front or get lost. These guys seem to have no concept of being courteous to the programmers they ask to write for them.

If you’ve bought the magazine and feel like supporting me, feel free to mail them to let them know what you think. Chances are they’ll ignore you though.

[Edit]I’ve removed the reference to individuals now following a long-overdue explanation (see comments)[/Edit]