Mixed bag of news

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It’s been an eventful week, and it’s not even over yet! Firstly, our new ogre3d.org server, the second in a month no less, is up and running nicely. We had to move again because of the massive bandwidth we were consuming, so virtual dedicated (user-mode linux) hosting just wasn’t enough. We’re now on a fully dedicated box so we have a lot more processing power at our disposal, and 1000GB/mo bandwidth. We’re using only a little over a tenth of that, so that leaves us plenty of room to grow. Like the previous server, the new box is located at ThePlanet so it has plenty of connectivity to boast about, and it appears to be flying. We’ve received enough donations now to keep this hosting going for a little under a year, so whilst donations have slowed some after an initial glut (and after a handful of quite sizeable donations from people using the engine commercially), we should be able to finance this for the forseeable future.

We’re also getting ready to ‘ship’ our first maintenance release on Ogre 1.0, imaginatively named 1.0.1. Lots of bugfixes (none critical, but nevertheless annoying) and a few useful enhancements, all non interface breaking of course, abound. My XSI exporter might not quite be ready in time, I have the majority of it done but it deserves a little more polishing before official release.

It’s also come to light that CrazyEddie is stepping down as leader of CEGui, due to what seems to be general burnout. This is a real shame, since his contribution to open source has been considerable. The project will live on, our very own _mental_ is custodian for the moment and I’ve been given commit access on the basis of having submitted a few patches and enhancements in the past. There’s no way we can give it the same level of attention CE did though, since we have our own project to run. Hopefully given the considerable level of use CEGui gets, someone more permanent will step in. Given how solid it already is, I don’t think CE’s departure should give anyone any reservations about using it.